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"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order."

~ Samuel Beckett ~

Building History.jpg

Richard Binns, the owner of our building, feels so lucky to have found such a gem of a building! He purchased the building in 2007, from the Masons. Prior to 2007, the building was known as Mother Lodge Morningstar #28, being used exclusively by the Masons until 2000. The building was not only used for meetings but also for dining as well as accommodations.

In the 19th century, Enfield  was a very successful economic center, fueled by Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co.  The carpet company owned numerous properties for themselves and their workers.  In 1874, they  constructed the three-story Pearl Street building to serve as a residence for their employees.   The Masons purchased the building around 1930 and later added the additional apartment and dance studio.

Since 2007, Richard Binns has put his heart and soul into bringing the building to its true glory. He renovated the building, which now has a total of four apartments and a dance studio with two dance floors.

Our studio has a very distinct floor plan. Altogether, you will enjoy the comfort of all of our rooms: receptionist room, bar and lounge area, sunroom, front studio, main studio, and office. As the studio declares, the building truly is full of wisdom, strength, and beauty.

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