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EdanSe is THE studio for children and youth to learn how to

Ballroom and Latin dance.

Fall Semester begins the 2nd week of September 13 & 14!

Wednesdays, 3:15-4:00 pm:
Boys & Girls Ages 6-10
Thursdays, 3:15-4:00 pm:
Boys & Girls Ages 11-15
Classes will cover 4 dances:
Waltz, Cha Cha, Tango, Rumba

• Fall Semester is a 12-week session, Thanksgiving week break, and
ending the first of December (Dec 6 & 7).
• Opportunity to perform at our studio Holiday Gala or at a
competition at the end of the semester for those interested, not a
• All 12 weeks of the session is $138, monthly payment due the first
week of the month ($46/month).
• You can make up a missed class in the other age group or adult class
within the session.

• Please pre-register as we do have a minimum for each class to run.

Registration now open!

Ballroom and Latin Lessons for Kids

There is an enormous amount of benefits for children who get involved in Ballroom dancing.

They learn about movement, coordination, musicality and develop athletic skills from the young age. It also helps them develop much greater confidence due to the performance aspect of Ballroom dancing; as well as communication and partnering skills.

At EdanSe we run our kids’ lessons in a structured way, where we focus on teaching general principles of dance movement and coordination first. Continuing with developing patterns and proper technique. And adding athletic and endurance training on top of that.


We offer both group and private lessons for children:

  • Kids’ group classes are divided into Tots, Youth, Pre-Teens, Teens and Young Adult


Depending on your child’s age he/she will be placed into one of the classes mentioned above for the duration of the session. Our children’s group classes require pre-registration prior to the beginning of each session.    

  • Kids’ private lessons run the same way as the Adult ones. If your schedule does not allow you to bring your children to one of our group classes, we offer the option for your kids to take private lessons at affordable rates. The private lesson schedule is more flexible, as we can conveniently match the time of those lessons with your availability.

  • At EdanSe, we offer your children the opportunity to compete in Dancesport Championships. Competing is a perfect way to train up towards achieving a goal. It keeps focusing those who are looking for a challenge!

Please refer to our competition page to find out more on how to become part of our competitive program. 

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