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Where Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty Meet on the Dance Floor!

EdanSe is a step above the rest in dance studios! Our studio is home to numerous world–class dance instructors, bringing a wonderful array of fun-loving personalities. Our teachers are still actively competing and learning, which enables them to bring their students up-to-date information.

Our building is not your average dance studio! The building’s rich history fits perfectly into the grandeur and aura of our studio. The main ballroom brings a character of its own, one that you will feel proud just dancing in. Outside of our main ballroom, we also have a second studio, full of unique architectural features. The many rooms of our studio convey the warmth of home, including our stained glass sunroom for those lovely summer evenings spent with friends. We are located only 15 minutes from Springfield, MA; 20 minutes from Hartford, CT; and 30 minutes from Northampton, MA.

Combined with all the ways to learn, EdanSe is a precious gem that truly shines!

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"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."

~ Martha Graham ~

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